Exhibition within an 8x8x8 space that explores the relationship between nature, music, and the human body through innovative technologies.









Experience Design | Projection Mapping | Music Production

HeavyM | Arduino | AbletonLive

12. 2017- 09.2018

First Place, Explorative Environments Competition | CCA Biennial Grant


the question

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The Explorative Environments competition challenged us to create an interactive 8x8 space. We wanted to create a space that served the Cornell community. Cornell is a very stressful environment, so we wanted to create a haven
to relax. Combining my interest in health, with my partner’s specialty in music production,
we conducted research about the relationship between health and music, deciding to create an interactive music therapy space.

Can we create an 8x8 space that promotes healing through music?


 design goals

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Provide a space for therapy and relief to students

  • The space should be
    very dimly lit and be accompanied by peaceful music.

  • The visuals are of calming nature scenes since nature has shown to decrease heart rate and stress.

  • The visuals are projection mapped onto white blocks using HeavyM software, transforming a static space into a dynamic one with moving visuals.


Provide an opportunity to create music

  • Live music therapy, including instrument playing, can help patients in palliative care and relief from persistent pain (Kwan, 2013).

  • Instead of using real instruments, we decided to give a simplified yet creative musical experience with AKAI midi controllers.

  • The user can trigger a variety of nature sounds on the controller to add to the ambient backdrop music.


Mindfulness of one’s own pulse and surroundings

  • Inspired by music artist, Ryuichi Sakamoto, who records nature sounds and turns them into music, we similarly ventured into nature to discover new sounds. This included bird chirps, waves, wind, rain etc.

  • Using Ableton Live, we mixed these sounds into an ambient backdrop soundtrack for our exhibition.

  • The user can visualize their pulse rate through the pulse sensor, which ashes according to heart rate.


the experience

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 what technology does pulse utilize?

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We hope to develop this project further by broadening the impact of projection mapping. Currently, the projectors map static objects, but we hope to map dynamic moving objects. The visuals could also become reactive to the new sounds that the user creates. Through the use of these new technologies, we can transform spaces into interactive and multi-dimensional experiences.